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Our platform enables you to sell more online, improve your marketing, simplify operations and lower your costs! Powerful content management and website builder for tours and activity providers and resellers. Designed for and fully integrated with Tripadvisor's Bokun.

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What the Icefloe solution includes.

A powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create simple and advanced e-commerce websites connected with powerful booking systems such as Tripadvisors Bokun.

Experience the Advantages of plug and play solution! Free yourself from constant confusion and technical hiccups. No need to worry about widgets, plugins, or code.

TinaCMS interface

Simplify Your Website Maintenance.

As a tour operator, website maintenance can be a hassle. We've made it easy with our user-friendly CMS. Our platform is mobile-friendly, ultra-fast, and constantly updated with new features and functionality. Say goodbye to the struggle and hello to selling tours.

Tour Operators

Spend more time on selling and less time on the computer, The number one problem for tour operators is the website and maintaining it! We aim to reduce your struggles by making it as simple as possible.

Resellers OTA

When dealing with abundant amounts of tours you need a good overview and management system, Here you go! we got the solution.

Get the support you need

In addition to our customer support, we offer Bokun consultants to help you tackle any problems or challenges. Let us help you solve your tour-selling problems so you can focus on what matters most.

Mobile friendly

Our cms is fully integrated for smart devices, since most sales go through mobiles today we thinks mobile-friendliness is of vital importance. Your site will also look good, if not better on mobiles.


Customize your website to your needs, no need to hire a web designer, programmer or any expert of sorts. The software is simple & straight forward

Fast and optimized

Our websites are very lightweight and responsive so they work extremely well on mobile devices and tablets. With advanced techniques and caching the customers will experience lightning speed, especially on mobile devices.

Robust and scalable hosting

The solution is hosted on one of the worlds largest hosting services making it ultra reliable and secure. We make sure to compress images before they are stored on the server and serve through a Content Delivery Network (CDN) so customers from around the world don’t experience slow network connections and loading times.

Live data from tour suppliers

There is no need to store important information in multiple places. All availability information is live and updates as soon as the inventory data changes.

Simple checkout, high conversion

The custom checkout process we have built is designed to be transparent and frictionless at all stages and allow customers to complete the online payment safely. Clear information and no hidden fees lead to a lower bounce rate and increased satisfaction. There are no redirects or pop ups.

No sales no fee, the more you sell, the less you pay

Icefloe online sales platform, built with travel industry businesses in mind, comes with a pricing model with one core concept at its heart.
The more you sell, the less you pay.

We utilize a tiered monthly commission structure that rewards companies by reducing the percentage of the commission.

1 0 - $10 0003%
2$10 000 - $60 0002.5%
3$60 000 - $140 0001.5%
4$140 000 +1%

If Big Buses sells for $12 000 they will be paying $350 in commission:

  • $300 from the first $10 000
  • $50 from the remaining 2.000 in the next bracket(2.5%).

If Glacier Buddy sells for $160 000 they will be paying $2950 in commission

  • $300 from the first $10 000
  • $1250 from the $50 000 in the 2.5% bracket
  • $1200 from the $80 000 in the 1.5% bracket
  • $200 from the remaining $20 000 in the 1% bracket.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you.

    • Do I create my tours in Icefloe?

      Well no, you will need to create them in Bókun and Icefloe will import them over.

    • Can I use my own custom domain name?

      No matter if you have a website today or if you are planning to create a new one you will be able to use your own custom website domain.

    • How many tours can I sell?

      There are no limits to number of products, users, vistors or sales. The size of your website will scale with your business.

    • Do I need a Bókun account?

      Yes, you will need a Bókun Pro account, Icefloe takes care of the website stuff.

    • Which payment providers do Icefloe support?

      At the moment we support Stripe, Paypal, Teya (Borgun/Saltpay) and Rapyd (Korta/Valitor). We constantly work on adding more

    • I don’t know Bókun, can you help?

      Yes! we can.

    • Do I need to add widgets?

      You don’t need to add any widget since Icefloe is a fully integrated turnkey solution towards inventory systems and payments providers.

    • How long time takes it to create a website?

      You can be up and running in less then a day (even just 15 minutes), if you are ready with the tours and the payment provider.

    • What about analytics?

      We support the new version of Google Analytics, GA4.

    • What is Getlocal?

      Getlocal is two things. First it is former name of the product and second it is the brand name for the Getlocal OTA which operates worldwide

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